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     READY TO BE LAUNCHED: Organizers introduce developments in the preparation for the 2006 Government Auto Purchase Forum at a press conference
  Sponsored by Economic Daily and the China Machinery Enterprises Management Association, the 2006 Chinese Government Auto Purchase Forum will be held in Tianjin on July 11-13. This represents another high-level dialogue and exchange between the government and the auto industry hot on the heels of the 2005 Chinese Government Auto Purchase Forum. This event is launched to promote the release of relevant information and increase the transparency in this field.
  When entering the World Trade Organization, China undertook to launch the negotiation of Government Procurement Agreement as soon as possible. Once the government procurement market is open and foreign commodities are poured into China, domestic industries, especially the comparatively weak auto industry, will be faced with great challenges. But at the same time, it also provides opportunities for China’s automakers to gain access to the government procurement market of other countries.
  STRONG GUARANTEE: VIP cars are in shape for the pending forum
  In the three years since the implementation of the Government Procurement Law, the Chinese Government has strengthened support to domestic brands and Chinese automakers have sped up innovation. At the same time, the market of government auto purchase is growing rapidly. In 2003, government procurement was valued at 165.9 billion yuan, including 35 billion yuan worth of cars. In 2004, the figure reached 200 billion yuan, of which purchase of cars accounted for 50 billion yuan. In 2005, among the total 250 billion yuan of government procurement, the government purchased 60 billion yuan worth of cars. The Ministry of Finance has budgeted for 300 billion yuan of government procurement for 2006. Of the total, auto purchase will rise to 70 billion yuan.
  Official statistics show that government auto purchase has become China’s largest public spending item. Expansion of the market promotes Chinese indigenous auto brands, enlarges their market share and boosts domestic automakers’ innovation.
  More than 300 participants will take part in the forum, including officials from government and military departments who are responsible for procurement. The auxiliary auto exhibition covers 24,000 square meters, three times the figure last year. On the sidelines of the forum, the First China Auto Culture Expo will also be held with an expected audience of more than 100,000.


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